jeudi 16 octobre 2008

McCain's disdain originates in Karl Rove's nasty brain

McCain's disdain is often all too plain. Here, it is directed at George W. Bush.

And here is Karl Rove, aka Porky Pig, thumbing his porcine nose at the liberal media.

Wow. Forget about how badly John McCain did last night on the issues. What bugs me the most is how he just keeps repeating himself from one debate to the next. I am so glad this exercise is over; I don't think I could bear to hear him yet again make the absurd claim that Obama wants to tax people who make 42,000 dollars a year.

I felt sorrow, pity and frustration listening to him. But at least I listened to him, which is more than I can say for him. I get the feeling the old fart just doesn't listen to anyone. This reminds me of the email I received from someone who had the misfortune of spending time with McCain and his wife at a vacation resort. Apparently, when McCain wasn't telling women (including his wife) that they were too fat to be eating dessert, he was expounding on the physical superiority of Asian women over corn-fed American gals and getting overly physical with the Thai wife of one horrified fellow vacationer. He came to the dinner table every night with passages from Faulkner marked in a book he was reading, and proceeded to read aloud to his fellow diners. Nobody was allowed to talk during this nightly performance.

And another thing. Those facial expressions. Such contempt, anger and disdain for his opponent. And hence for a large chunk of the American populace. Can you imagine McCain seated at a table during a G7 meeting, rolling his eyes whenever Angela Merkel makes a comment? Or grimacing and sticking his tongue out when Nicolas Sarkozy calls for greater global oversight of financial institutions and capital markets? Or being heard to let out a sigh when Gordon Brown expresses his view on global supervision? Please! Get this man out of the public arena.

And one last thing. I believe that the age gap between the two candidates will be decisive this year. I further believe that the demographic divides between the baby boomers, the pre-baby boomers and the post-baby boomers, as well within the baby boom generation, will happily favor Obama. In other words, the oldest of the baby boomers (who are now around 60) look in one direction and see a young member of their cohort (Obama). If they look in the other direction, they see an old man who was born before the end of WWII (based on his current age McCain was born in 1936, making him nearly as old as my mom). It is a no-brainer. At 60, today's first boomers see themselves as still young and vital. After all, 60 is the new 50 and some would even say it is the new 40. And if you are 50 in your brain, your heart and your body, then Obama doesn't look so young and inexperienced. But McCain sure looks old and out of touch. He's the guy you don't want to become and are determined never to become.
Thank you, baby boom. If all goes well, we won't have to bear John McCain's grumpy and manic grimaces for the next four years. He'll retire to Arizona, where he belongs, and grimace at all those old retired people down there. But he better watch out. They might grimace right back at the old coot.

Obviously, I don't mean this as a rant against old people in general. I like people of all ages; but I do dislike grimacing sourpusses of all ages who think that the world has gone to hell in a handbasket, who see change as just one more thing to fear, and who think Bill O'Reilly is a bright young man and Sarah Palin a terrific gal.

And by the way: Check out the NY Times article on who Joe the Plumber really is. Oops! No wonder he seems embarrassed by McCain's shout-out. Whoa! Karl Rove, you're slipping. Don't you have people to do a little homework before you clear a spin point?