vendredi 21 décembre 2012

Winter sky

Instead of complaining about the ground service at Charles de Gaulle since Delta began running the daily non-stop Paris-Seattle flight, let's focus on the winter light in the Marais.

Regarde le ciel - Look at the sky.

So my suitcase did not make my flight. It arrived two days later and I got bumped up a class.

The news of the Sandy Hook massacre broke while I was in Paris. It cast a long and chilly shadow. People kept asking me why. Why does this happen in America? What is wrong with America? Why is America so violent? Why are there so many guns? I don't have an answer. Well, yes, I do have one but it takes about three hours to lay out and it involves talking about things like the nature of American capitalism, the myth of self-reliance, the reality of what and who get left behind on the path to success and wealth.

The shadow is long.
But there is always a slant of light, however thin, however distant.
Even in the dead of winter.