samedi 9 avril 2011

Who knows where the time goes?

I am organizing my digital photos this morning -- well, to be honest I am working on several work work projects (as opposed to pretend work projects)and breaking up the stress and monotony with some mindless visual activities -- and just came across this one.

The place: Cle Elum, Washington
The occasion: My sister Carolyn's wedding (she is the only sister not pictured)
The time: Late 2005
The pictured (from left to right): Cathy, Janie, Mom and me

They were married by a guy named Red Dog. That's his stage name, anyway. We averted a wardrobe malfunction and crisis. Cathy's daughter Mary Claire wanted to wear a pair of cut-offs. Cathy said no. MC said she had nothing to wear, could she wear her mom's skirt? What would mom wear? Mom would wear her twin sister's outfit, as she had done so many times in the distant past, usually without asking first. At least she asked. And fortunately, I had something else to wear. So Cathy wore my Max Mara gauzy blouse and silk skirt, not to mention the new shoes I bought for the occasion (not pictured) and the lovely silk purse that my dear departed friend Cathleen had given to me as a gift (pictured). She looked fabulous. Too bad her eyes are closed in this photo. My revenge.