samedi 15 août 2009

Neko meets her match

The law of series is alive and well. Since Neko joined us in February of 2008 and until last Monday, we had never come across another shiz-tsu/pug. But as we were leaving Le Pichet restaurant on 1st and Virginia with an out-of-town visitor last Monday, a woman stopped us to ask what kind of dog ours was. She thought Neko looked like her 17-month old rescue dog and showed us a photo. Hers was clearly a Putz like ours. She took Neko's photo and went away happy in the knowledge that a mystery had been solved.

Today I took Neko on her favorite walk on Alki. It's a long one, from the water taxi parking lot to Duke's and back. But there are three spots with water and dog bowls, and lots of cool grass on the non-waterfront side. So we love it and show our love at least three times a week. Today we met Lily, a 10-month old Putz. I saw her from a distance and knew it had to be. She and her owner are from Normandy Park. Luckily I had my exploding iPhone, so I got a couple of photos. I tried to get one of Neko and Lily side by side, but they refused to cooperate. But Neko had an extra bounce in her step when we left. She knew Lily was kin.

Neko at ten months