vendredi 12 juin 2009

My mom is getting hitched today!

Today is a big day for my mom, Sally Malone Ganong, and Ron Santucci. They're getting married at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Magnolia, in the presence of their twelve children (six each) and the significant others of their twelve children, the children of their twelve children and one child of one of the children of their twelve children (my brother Charlie's daughter, Kristi, and her husband Tim have a son, William, now 21 months old. After the wedding mass, we will be treated to a spaghetti dinner made and served by a few of Ron's friends. My twin sister Cathy is the maid of honor; Ron's son Bob is best man. Apparently, these two roles needed to be filled by people who had attended Mass in the last six months. I'm sure Cathy is lying -- anything to be maid of honor!:)

I don't know how many grandchildren there are. My mom has nine, plus the four kids of Terry, Carolyn's husband. That makes thirteen. The six Santucci's probably have at least as many between them. I've met a couple of Bob and Helen's kids (their son Bobby played baseball for Walt), and two small children who belong to one of Ron's daughters (like Sally, Ron has four daughters and two sons). William Mc Quillan, the son of Charlie's daughter Kristi and her husband Tim, is the only great-grandchild.