samedi 6 juin 2009

Black Dynamite

The guy who runs the Warrent Report blog said it was THE film to see if you only wanted to see one SIFF film this year. We went. We saw. We enjoyed. This film will do well at the box office. It is a total spoof and everyone in it apparently had a great time pimping and hamming it up. My only complaint is that sometimes it felt as if they were having more fun than the audience. Speaking of the audience, the director Scott Sanders and the male lead Michael Kai White were among us. They stayed for a Q&A session after the film, but we did not. It was late (SIFF movies never start on time and this one was no exception) and I loathe Q&A sessions with the audience. Most of the time, it is a series of bores who try and disguise their monologues by tacking a question on the end.

The best thing about the movie is its length: spoofs have to be relatively short to work because a one-joke movie always goes cold quickly. The second best thing was the names of the various bit players, most of whom portray pimps or dealers: Cream Corn, Nipsy (a nod to Nipsy Russell), Tasty Freeze (played by Arsenio Hall), Kotex and Chocolate Giddy-up are the most memorable ones.