mardi 18 novembre 2008

Two cool cats

The O'Possum family at home

The coolest thing about this photo of these two cool cats is the very fact that one of them -- that would be Munchkin, the dark one -- is in the photo at all. How can a cat whose idea of motion revolves around lurching, lunging and hoping for the best get herself from the ground to this perch? You have to see it to believe it. She uses her claws and her tiny front legs and her unsinkable will to catapault (no pun intended) herself up there. It has become her favorite place to nap. How cool is that? She picks the most difficult place in her world and decides that she'll nap there. Plus, she had to dethrone Pushkin in order to do so. However, as the photo reveals, she is willing to share her new favorite perch with the one she ousted from it. She just wanted to prove a point. And Pushy totally gets that.

They also enjoy hanging out at The Castle. Pushkin likes sitting on top of it, while Munchkin feels more invincible inside.