vendredi 14 novembre 2008

Skepticism versus Skep versus Skeptical

Today's post is dedicated to and was inspired by the one and only Corinne, soon-to-be famous Bee Guru. (It's only a matter of time, Corrine, and you know it.)

What is skepticism?
Skepticism is a method of inquiry, not a position on matters. It is a way of examining claims and making decisions. The idea is to apply the rules of logic and reason with critical thinking skills in assessing claims or issues and to form conclusions based on evidence, not on personal preference or prejudice.

What is a skep?

Skeps were traditionally made from what you could go out, find and collect within a reasonable walking distance from your home. This might be straw, reed or grasses bound together by hazel, willow or bramble.

Fire has destroyed many of the old records concerning the history of skeps. The earliest records are written in Latin. Only people who could read them wrote them! It is likely that, in Britain, skep beekeeping was the first way that people tried to control bees as opposed to harvesting from wild colonies. The disadvantage at the time was that people had to pay taxes (in the form of honey) on the basis of the number of skeps they had.

What am I?

World's most skeptical woman and my hero: