lundi 3 novembre 2008

Sarah "Whack Job" Palin gets punked

I wasn't going to write about her any more, and I was hoping that as of November 5th it would be totally unnecessary, but Sarah got punked this weekend. The entire 5-minute conversation, during which she believes she is talking to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, is worth listening to. What stands out is what we saw in the VP debate: Sarah does not listen to or connect with what is being said to her. She just comes back with vapid, mildly pleasant rejoinders. I mean, she is so dumb she doesn't even realize she's being had when the French President tells her how hot his wife is in bed! You get the feeling this conversation could have gone on for days had they waited for Sarah to get it. The prankster finally puts her out of her misery, to which she remains totally oblivious, by telling her. And when he says he is from a Canadian radio station, she asks him twice which station it is, and then I swear she says to her aide that it is a French station. You see what I mean? She doesn't connect with what is said to her! You might as well say nothing, like Marcel Marceau might have.

Scary. Scary. Scary. Americans of voting age need to hear this before they head for the polls.