mercredi 23 juillet 2008

Neglected blog

Time seems to be speeding away from me like a TGV bound for La Rochelle. In one week, I'll be on that Air France flight headed for Paris. A direct flight from Seattle is a vast improvement on having to fly through Houston, NY or Atlanta. Between now and then, I have so much work to do.
This blog entry will be a work in progress, a place where I jot down what I plan to do, who I need to see, what I want to buy and bring back from Paris.
Don't hate me because I'm paid in euros and have places to stay for free the entire time.
Here's my excellent plan:
The suitcase I check in Seattle will be practically empty. No toiletries at all. I'll head directly to Monoprix when I get to Paris - I'll go to my favorite Monoprix near St-Augustin - and buy all necessary items at their wonderful little parapharmacie. I'll also pick up my gift for Kelsey's baby. Monoprix has the best line of kid and baby clothes called "bout'chou" (literally, cabbage end, but a term for a little person, and it makes me think of cabbage patch kids for some reason). Then I'll head up to the Gap store on the Champs de l'Elysée. The best Gap store on the planet, especially the lingerie section. A whole floor devoted to undies, bras, indoor wear, etc. I'll check out the t-shirts on the way out.
I also need a new pair of glasses, and will go to the Grand Optical, either on the Champs or on Boulevard Haussmann. My glasses will be ready within an hour or so. Yippee!

In sum:
Undies and pyjamas
New pair of glasses

That will be accomplished during my first two hours in Paris.