jeudi 10 juillet 2008

Not complaining, but nobody gave me flowers for my birthday

About Anthuriums:

This is from a website about the flower industry in Hawaii
Get off a Hilo or Kona flight, and chances are you'll see people carrying armloads of ruby-red anthuriums, arguably the signature flower of the Big Island.No wonder. No other place in the United States grows more of the heart-shaped flower that reminds people of Valentine's Day year round.
This is from a UK online flower business website
You have to know what kind of person you're sending flowers to. There are 4 types of people, at least when it comes to flowers:

ARTISTIC – If you listen to loud music, enjoy art galleries and Broadway shows, you are probably an artistic person. Artistic personalities are attracted to out of the box creativity, especially when it comes to flowers. Exotic flower arrangements, loud colors and creative displays are best for this personality.
ULTRAMODERN – Ultramodern people are driven and hard working, but they know how to let loose and have a good time. Spontaneous and energetic, they love striking designs with simple yet bold flowers. Ultramodern personalities appreciate minimal but eye-catching arrangements. Exotic baskets and vases are a definite plus for this personality type. NATURAL – Natural personality types like walks in the forest, arts and crafts, and other relaxed, laid back activities. And, you guessed it, they like their flower designs to be simple and natural. Natural types prefer baskets with an abundance of plants and wild flowers like sunflowers and carnations. These people will enjoy flowers that can be preserved and dried for decorating and crafts.
TRADITIONAL - If you like simple, elegant and timeless designs, you would be best suited for a traditional flower arrangement. Traditional personalities enjoy an array of flowers and appreciate a tastefully designed arrangement with a diverse range of blossoms.
ROMANTIC – If you love chick flicks or have ever made a grand, dramatic gesture for the one you love, you are most likely a romantic personality. Romantics love elaborate arrangements with pastel colors and classic flower types. Bold statements are what romantic types enjoy in their floral design. This personality will most appreciate large, timeless arrangements like a dozen, or more, pastel roses.