vendredi 23 septembre 2011

Remembering Meredith Kercher

This one's for you, Meredith

Today, as the appeal winds down, the prosecution began its closing arguments. You can read all about what was said today at abc's website and elsewhere, or wait until journalists Andrea Vogt and Barbie Nadeau file their stories for the Seattle PI and the Daily Beast, respectively. They have been consistently reliable and objective.

And Meredith's discreet family have come forward for an interview, to remind the public that this is not all about Amanda Knox in spite of what media coverage suggests. They have asked us to remember that this is about Meredith, or Mez as she was known to family and friends. In his wrap-up, Mignini too asked the jurors to remember Meredith in spite of the unprecedented attempt on the part of an aggressive PR campaign with media complicity to erase her. Her first death was brutal and cruel beyond belief. This second death, the act of erasure, is no less obscene. It's just that no one hears the sound it makes.

According to one court observer's tweet, Mignini said in summation that never in his 32 years of experience has he heard of networks buying tickets for defendants in exchange for interviews. The Knox/Mellas family has always denied this. But I have been told by people close to the case that the bidding war for the exclusive interview has been ongoing.... And we all know how the media works by now, right? As I noted in an earlier post, the Puget Sound Business journal reported on Matt Lauer of NBC's recent quick trip to Seattle (limousine waiting at the airport, lunch at Morton's with Curt Knox and others, a big fat porterhouse steak). Strangely, that article has since been yanked. Never underestimate the power of their PR man Marriott!

Below, Stephanie carrying a white rose at the memorial service for Meredith

Meredith was known affectionately as Mez

Stephanie and Arline during a recent and rare interview