mercredi 28 septembre 2011

Postcards from the edge of the Amanda Knox circus: private jet standing by; loony supporter sent back to the hotel

Moore Righteous Than Ever: G-man and Celestial at home

Just when you thought it could not get Moore Nutty

The first appeal trial of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollicito, both convicted by a unaminous verdict in December 2009 for their role in the brutal slaying of Meredith Kercher, Knox's British roommate, is winding down this week.

I have already mentioned the Puget Sound Business Journal article on the Knox clan's lunch date with Matt Lauer in Seattle a couple of weeks ago, at Morton's. NBC's Lauer reportedly flew in, jumped into a limo and was whisked to Morton's. Someone got that article "disappeared" within a couple of days. That's what you pay your PR people for!

Unfortunately, a couple of news items since then seem to have escaped the swift hand of the Magician, but for how long?

Yesterday, Italian daily Il Messaggero fell out of favor by publishing a piece on the private jet that is alleged to have been loaned by some generous (and apparently wealthy) Friends of Amanda, ready to whisk Knox and her entourage of about twenty out of Italy if she is acquitted. The presiding judge in this appeal announced yesterday that the court would be ready to hand down its verdict on Saturday, after Knox gives the "spontaneous" declaration her father Curt Knox said yesterday she had been working on for three months. I guess spontenaity, like nostalgia, just ain't what it used to be.

I wonder if the Moores, Steve and Michelle Celestial Easterly, will be among the revelers on the private jet, if indeed there is one. I am waiting for an official denial.... So who are the Moores, you may be wondering? According to his bio, he is a retired FBI agent. According to his babbly wife, he is a trained sniper. She posts this all over the internet, especially when she wants to scare people after she has offended them. Moore is one of many who have used this case to insert themselves into the spotlight and make a career change. Moore was some kind of security advisor at Pepperdine, but now has a seriously nutty blog and gets invited once in awhile to ramble about the Knox case on television. If his hosts have noticed that he is inarticulate to the point of incoherence, they have not let on so far. Anyway, Moore had the excellent idea of turning up in Perugia for the remainder of the trial and the even more excellent idea of bringing Michelle along with him. At least it seemed excellent until Michelle sidled over to one of the prosecutors, the much maligned and demonized Mignini, and shouted at him, telling him he was evil and other stuff like that. The only thing she forgot was to brandish her homemade Mignini voodoo doll -- the one with all the pins stuck in around the vital organs. In Italy, as in America, that sort of thing can get you charged with contempt of court. Michelle was immediately removed from the scene, asked to provide her passport and then detained for about an hour. Within hours, she was back on the internet telling her side, mostly to other Knox supporters, most of whom seemed embarrassed. Nick Pisa reported on the incident, which the US media has mostly chosen to ignore. Methinks this is because they are all doing whatever the Knox/Mellas people tell them to do and these people realize how bad Michelle makes them all look. Just sayin'.

I'll have more anecdotes from the Lunatic Fringe post-verdict. Coming up: the fur salesman, the twittering twit, the hater hater and more.

If anyone is interested, Steve Moore keeps a blog. He seems to have something against me, but I can't quite make out what it is, since it is couched in biblical language and talk about baby rattles and stuff. Weird shit.

Michelle blogs too, but sporadically. Good luck making sense of her posts. She apparently suffers from some kind of rational disconnect between thought and speech/writing. Or maybe not, which is an even more frightening thought.