mercredi 16 février 2011

Is February worse than November (in Seattle)?

It's pretty much a toss-up if you ask me. But, as these photos show, February isn't all bad. In case you are wondering, the purpose of these photos is not to reveal that our windows need washing (they do) or that I don't make the bed or do housework before sitting down at the computer to work (I don't); it is to show you that all the bitching I did last night about February being such a horrible month apparently paid off. The weather gods heard me. They tried to tell me last night, by dumping tiny hailstones on me as I got out of the car, but I was not receptive to the news. However, all is forgiven this morning. The sun is out. Neko and I are going for a walk -- but first, YOGA!!!! I skipped Monday's class because I had an urgent need to brood about the shitty weather. I promise to do double the usual number of sun salutes this morning.

February also features the bogus holiday, St.Valentine's Day, which is not really to its credit. But what are you gonna do? I offered my Valentine some red-only swedish fish, some red-only poptarts (strawberry) and a bottle of fine IPA (with a red label). Do you see a pattern or theme emerging? Red, the color of the day. Entertainment wise, we went to the Triple Door to see a Frank Sinatra impersonator by the name of Joey Jewell. He is local, I think, from Puyallup. Damn, he sounds like Sinatra. He did a 60's "Sands" tribute. He did it My Way. He flew us to the moon and treated us to a duet version of Mack the Knife. The swing band that accompanied him was perfect. A bunch of middle-aged people who looked like you would expect your high school classmates who were in the band to look. The piano player, a very skinny man with a straight back (good piano posture), looked like someone who could have been the piano player for the Addams Family.
The only blemishes on this fine evening were the lady sitting just behind us with her "date", a three-year old girl who I think must have been her daughter. Who in their right mind brings a three-year old to the Triple Door? On Valentine's Day! If I had paid a babysitter to watch my three-year old, I would have been really pissed, especially when the three-year old got tired of the crayons and started making noises that sounded like farts under water. Can you believe it! And to our left, also just behind us, were two couples who apparently had some catching up to do. The two women started yacking it up, during the show of course. So rude! Not just with respect to those sitting around them, but also with respect to the performers, who were about five feet away. My husband finally turned around and said "It must be nice to be able to catch up!" They got it; they got up and went elsewhere (the bar? the restrooom?) to chat. Geez! People! Why not use your mentality, wake up to reality....
Hearing those songs from the sixties made me think of my childhood and my dad. He loved that music, he really did. His favorites were My Funny Valentine and Moon River. And yes, I realize these are not Frank Sinatra tunes. I am talking about the period. Personally, I liked King of the Road and Queen of the House. All that music defined adulthood for me. And for those who are mad about Mad Men, let me say that I saw the real people in action. The cigarettes, the cocktails, the music and shenanigens, the hangovers, the suntans, the bad behavior, the fights, the gossip about affairs, told in hushed and rushed tones on the phone or over martinis in the kitchen at 4 pm, the benignly neglected kids having the time of their lives, unsupervised....those were the days, my friend.