jeudi 28 janvier 2010

Finding Mr. Good Enough

I just got wind of this book. Back in the late 80's, I met a woman who was a friend of my sister's. She was in her late 30's. She had an MBA and a successful career with IBM. She owned a beautiful condo and drove a Porshe. She complained about not being able to find Mr. Right or even snag a date with him. She then proceeded to rattle off her list of features Mr. Right had to have if he wanted to roll with her. It was so long, so picky, so unforgiving. I decided that in fact she did not really want to find Mr. Right. She just wanted to bitch about the lack of good men out there and, in so doing, obliquely tout her own virtues. Leslie, where are you now? How many items have you added to Mr. Right's TO BE list? Why is it that I feel certain you have not found Mr. Right? Leslie, if you're out there and still looking (or pretending to look), read this book. It could be a game changer.