dimanche 29 novembre 2009

So you think you're suffering from Bored Housewife Syndrome? Read this and your problems will be solved!

I actually read this on a blog of some sort. Here it is in its entire glory, comments included. (My annotations are in parentheses and in italics.):

Many women choose to remain (remain where? on earth?) as a housewife to take care of their children. Some may have given up lucrative careers. Others turn housewives (turn into housewives? like turning into pumpkins at the stroke of midnight?) immediately after leaving school (due to lack of lucrative career options? boredom?). Whatever said and done(when all is said and done? whatever is said and done?), they have to spend time at home (there is just no escaping that one is there?). Initially, it may be exciting and very romantic (such are the dreams of the everyday housewife,who gave up the good life...). But in (the?) course of time, with children coming along, the responsibilities increase (don't you just hate that?). A routine life sets (in?). One may just get bored as a housewife (but there is so much to do!). How to make life interesting in such a situation?

How to Overcome the Bored Housewife Syndrome?

•One must avoid following the same routine day-in-day out (and out too). A change in household chores helps (like deciding not to do them or deciding to do them all wrong - this will wake the family from its inconsiderate slumber)
•Try to be an interior decorator. Change the style of the house whenever you feel bored. Set up a theme. Work on it. It will excite you and make you want to innovate things (for example, change the furniture around every day; put the bed in the kitchen, for example, the phone in the oven and the television in the back yard). New decorations add glamor to the house (and keep the economy going)
•Play games, both indoor and outdoor with your husband and children (see above, about changing the furniture around daily; you can also put clean clothes in the wrong rooms and drawers). This will improve your relationship with them (though it could also backfire and annoy them, especially if the game entails moving furniture around). At the same time you will have something interesting to do
•Go in for blog writing. Vent your feelings. You can improve your writing skills also (why, just look at how well written this blog entry is!)
•Organize regular parties and invite friends over. It is an occasion to socialize and exchange views (bitch about husband and children)with others. It is always better to interact with others apart from your immediate family (just don't get too drunk during the week)
•Do not take your husband for granted. Always make an effort to keep the relationship alive and interesting. Maybe an outing with him, away from the regular routine will help. Also getaway from the children for a while. Spend time on yourself and your husband. Relive your romantic days again
•Exercise and diet. Keep good health. Be energetic. Boredom can get to you and you may feel lethargic. Avoid this. One must be physically and mentally active (keep moving, never look back, don't sit still)
•Go on a trip with your family. Travel refreshes the mind. Let the trip be exotic. Choose a place that interests you (never mind what works for others)
•Read. Keep abreast with what is happening around the world. The mind does not get stagnated (huh?)
•Learn new things. Cook something new or read the latest novel in the market (in the novel market?). Keeping in touch with what is happening around you makes you feel part of your surroundings. You will not get lost in drudgery of household chores (unless you move the furniture as I have suggested)
•Communicate frequently with your children. You can learn a lot from them. You remain in touch with the outside world (is being a housewife like serving a prison sentence?)
Being a housewife can also be interesting (I see). One need not get bored of life. One can continue to be innovative and creative. Do not get bogged down with household chores. Have a gala time (a gay old time? a yabba dabba do time?) with your family.

4 Responses to “Overcome Bored Housewife Syndrome”
1.reena Says:
July 22nd, 2009 at 8:52 am
sorry not a single point can help me out from this boredom as my hubby is busy in work and kids in theie studies they dunnt have time to communicate no time for outing we cannt change routine as it effects children
how many times we can change decoration yess i can cook new things but nobody has time to taste or to praise i dunnt thing any of ur points are practical (but the blogging as a way to improve communication skills couldn't hurt)

2.Monica Says:
July 29th, 2009 at 12:06 am
Redecorating the house? Humm that sounds like more of a chore than fun…besides I’ve already done that, there is only so much decorating one woman can do! I understand you are trying to be helpful, but really, your suggestions are not helpful! (how about having a gala time with your family?)

3.This article is ridiculous Says:
August 18th, 2009 at 2:33 am
Are you crazy? How can you go out with your husband and have a romantic life when you have no family to watch the kids and can’t afford a babysitter?! Your suggestions are completely ridiculous! Don’t you think we wouldn’t be lonely housewives if we could get a date night out?!?!??!! (whoa! time for another martini!)

Go on a trip? Does money grow on trees? I would give anything to go on a trip. Any trip. Even go to a movie. Wanna come watch my kids so I can follow your advice?! HA!

Do not take my husband for granted? Excuse me? On his days off he goes to ballgames and goes hunting. Why should I not take him for granted when I’m busting my behind every day and I never get a break. (Can this marriage be saved?)

4.Marisa Says:
September 4th, 2009 at 11:06 pm
I hear ya Reena!!!

Wow, this is a tough crowd! How about rethinking the whole housewife thing if it is making y'all this miserable?