dimanche 25 octobre 2009

Bizarre pool incident

So we get up to the YMCA for a swim, only to realize that a swim meet is going on. After being told the meet will go on for some time, but before we walk out the door, we are told that the meet is in fact "over". We take a look. People appear to be rushing out the side door and into the blinding light. So we take the obligatory shower and walk out to the pool area, where we are told that the pool will not open immediately: it has to first be vacuumed out because someone threw up in it. I guess that explains why the meet suddenly ended.

Overcoming a strong urge to barf ourselves, we decide to wait in the hot area while the pool is being vacuumed for vomit. For one thing, we need a quiet place to contemplate the very concept of vacuuming the bottom of a swimming pool. My doctor told me a couple of weeks ago that the YMCA pool has enough chlorine in it to kill any germ, so I'm not too worried about catching something like swine flu by accidentally swallowing an errant speck of vomit. But still, it is kind of icky to ponder. So we sit in the hot pool, enjoying the jets of water on our aching joints, and waiting for the clean-up to happen. Then we're told it will take until 6 pm to get the vomit out, at which time the pool and the Y close (always early on Saturdays for some reason I don't understand). Bummer. We take showers and dress without getting a workout. When we get to the front desk, we see people heading for the pool. It turns out that someone has now decided the pool will open before closing after all. But it's too late for us. The moment and urge have passed.

Neko was overjoyed at the news, as this meant a long, brisk, workout walk for her on Alki. And how can anyone complain about Alki on a clear, crisp fall day?