samedi 24 octobre 2009

Bizarre gardening accident

This is a good day for gardening. It isn't raining but it isn't too warm. Fall is here. Time to trim away the dead growth; time to get rid of the clay pot that exploded for no reason on the deck and replant the fabulously fragrant catnip mint that was growing there.

I understand why retired people excel at gardening and I don't, however. Gardening is above all a question of time and patience. You have to set small, achievable goals and accept that the job is never quite done. I find I don't have much time for gardening. Work, school, teaching, books to read. Luckily, I don't have any television shows that absolutely need to be watched by me.

I'm about to go to the pool and realize that I am sore from all this gardening activity. I think I injured something hauling dirt. Or maybe it was climbing over the deck rail to get onto the eco-roof, where I've got some verveine sprawling. In any case, the term bizarre gardening accident comes to mind. Speaking of which, you can't make this stuff up. Click on the title, which links to this true story:

A former drummer for the Swedish pop band ABBA was found dead with cuts to his neck in the garden of his house on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Police said Monday an autopsy showed it was an accident.

A bizarre gardening accident. Life imitates art.