mardi 11 octobre 2011

Some humans ain't human

Late last week, a photo of Meredith Kercher's temporary grave surfaced on the internet in connection with a related story on the family and its hardships. It did not take long for certain depraved souls (do the depraved have souls?) calling themselves Amanda Knox supporters to begin making a series of mocking, heartless tweets. Several people who were distressed by these tweets sent them to me. You don't want to see them, you really don't. Apparently, Daniel Sandford of the BBC saw them, and saw as well that they had not escaped the notice of the Kerchers. He has tweeted his indignation on their behalf.

Daniel Sandford #meredithkercher family complaining that some #amandaknox supporters are mocking her grave on Twitter
Il y a 7 heures via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Thank you, Daniel Sandford.
And to the twits calling themselves supporters of Amanda Knox, this is what you are mocking. Human grief. Immense suffering. Irreparable loss.