jeudi 21 juillet 2011

Summer freeze

Yes, I know, it has been awhile since I have posted. Like everyone else in the Greater Seattle Area (and indeed, all of Western Washington) and everyone in the Greater Paris Area (and probably all of Ile-de-France), I am sick and tired of waiting for something resembling summer weather. The sun comes out these days at about 6 pm, people! Okay, today is an exception: it is only 3 pm and I can see sunlight trying to break through the clouds. Sunlight appears to be winning, but this game could go (and has been going) either way.

Last week, I saw a friend who now lives in Mexico for at least half of each year. She is back in Seattle to tie up some loose ends and do some business (she's a photographer). She told me she had seen a mutual friend of ours, Heidi. How's Heidi, I said. Tara replied: I asked her the same question and she said "I am wearing a sweater. I am wearing a wool scarf. It is July. I am fucking fed up, like everyone else."

Yes, what she said.

I looked at the current weather conditions for Red Lodge, Montana, which is not too far from our place in the Beartooth mountains. 82° and clear skies, it said. It took me a minute to really understand the significance of this piece of information. It is hot and sunny in Montana! And that's where I'm headed pretty soon!