lundi 1 mars 2010

Munchkin and Neko

Because of her disability, we decided not to get Munchkin fixed. We took her to the vet once, and it took her about six weeks to get over it. It took roughly half that time to get her into a cage so we could get her to the vet. She may be unable to run or jump, but when she wants to elude the human grasp she is talented and dangerously armed. To compensate for her equilibrium troubles, she has developed the most muscular claws I have ever seen on a cat. And she knows how to use them.

The end result is that Munchkin is often in heat, and the object of her desire is Neko. She follows Neko everywhere during this period, cooing and clinging. Neko is amazingly patient, and every once in awhile gives Munchkin a few playful bites that seem to scratch the itch.

Neko, because she lives among cats, does many catlike things. For example, she finds small and tight places to sleep in. She also licks her paw before using it to scratch behind her ear. Stuff like that. Just now, I found her in one of her favorite tight spots, inside the mail basket under the table near the front door. When she thinks I might be going out without her, she will jump up on this low table and position herself next to the basket where we keep the car keys. Don't leave home without me is the message.

So here's Neko, in one of her favorite spots. But she's not alone. Munchy is in heat:

I have also seen Munchy get inside Neko's basket of toys and lie there, waiting for Neko to choose her as the preferred thing to chew on.