jeudi 11 février 2010

Sarah Palin is a f*cking retard

Apparently, it's okay to call someone a f*cking retard (or even a fucking retard) if you are in satire mode. So I'm going to go ahead and call Sarah Palin a f*cking retard, perhaps the biggest f*cking retard who has ever harbored political ambitions in this country. It is true that George W. Bush worked hard to pave the way for f*cking retards like Sarah Palin, by refraining from ever having an idea in that pointed little head of his, and by persisting in his fractured syntax in the face of criticism, protests and satire. It must have been tough, and I am proud of him for not giving in to this unacceptable pressure from some elements of the populace, demanding that he use proper English and that he actually make sense. Making sense is totally overrated.

Back to Sarah, the biggest f*cking retard on the political landscape today. With any luck, she'll run for prez in 2012. Having outlasted her fifteen minutes of shame through sheer shamelessness, she is here to stay. She will not go quietly into that good night. Don't expect Sarah to read the mood of the people and leave leadership in more capable hands. No way. She is a train wreck and she knows that America loves nothing more than to watch a train wreck. She is better than a train wreck. She is a train wreck in slow motion.

I watched her deliver her speech at the tea party last weekend. Her message was absolutely and utterly devoid of substance, which made it really appealing to her audience. The genius of Sarah, though she is a f*cking retard, is that she has tapped into the deep resentment that her audience feels toward anyone who is smart and who believes in some modicum of social justice. You can tell because she gets the biggest applause when she paints herself as a victim of the liberal media. Sarah is brave to stay on the scene even though the liberal media and everything else that is evil hate her and criticize her. Their criticisms only make her stronger and more determined. She is a slow moving train wreck and she will take down anything that is in her path.

So expect to see more of Sarah Palin, the f*cking retard. If you are hoping for change in that respect, I can tell you that this hope-y change-y attitude of yours is just not working for you. Don't be a f*cking retard. Read my hand. On it I have written my key ideas for America. Pay attention to f*cking retards like Sarah Palin and they will continue to entertain you.