mercredi 28 mai 2008

Queen of the Known Universe

This is Neko. She is queen of the known universe.

If you don't think she is the cutest and smartest dog in the known universe, then you clearly do not understand the known universe at all and I feel sorry for you.
Plus, you bore me.
If I had remembered to recharge the battery in my camera, I would take a picture of Neko right now. She is lying on her back and her forepaws are perfectly relaxed. If she could, she would be drooling. Her eyes are rolling back and she's dreaming. I know this because every once in awhile her paw moves, like she's swiping at a bee or a beam of light. One of her little legs is moving too, and she just woke up. No, that was a false alarm. She looked at me and then rolled onto her side. Now she's snoring. When she wakes up, we're going out for a stroll. She's one lucky dog.